Very Banking

A multi-chain DeFi 3.0 ecosystem designed to delete the common bank and get us out of the bear market caused by SBF

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Let's turn $50 into $500,000!
all in one place.

Own a Piece of the VB Protocol at no charge

Earn passive income when Very Banking products make money.

Ownership Leaders
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VB Owners

Refer others to increase your ownership

More people using Very Banking products means more fees generated and distributed to everyone.

Binance made an estimated $20B last year in revenue. Imagine having a 0.001% stake.

Why choose VB?

A Bank Owned by the People

All revenue generated on the Very Banking DeFi protocol is split fairly and distributed to everyone involved in the ecosystem. Transparency and a trustless series of smart contracts will prevent human error, greed and emotions.

Whale Proof

Fractionalized protocol ownership is not tied to staking or wealth allowing everyone to earn fairly.


Modular by design, allowing a multi-phased decentralized roadmap to conquer traditional banking.


Trust facts and code immutability instead of an individual or corporate figurehead.


Very Banking uses a unique token economy engineered to sustain the test of time.


Q1 2022

  • Private Liquidity Transformation Event

  • Initial Farming Pools

Q2 2022

  • DAO Structure & Implementation

  • Investment Banking Infrastructure

Q3 2022

  • Swapping Interface

Q1 2023

  • VB Incubator Launch

A growing multi-chain network

A unified blockchain agnostic community working together to bring a decentralized financial ecosystem to life that is not only transparent, but accessible to the masses.